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 "An adventurous family gathers around a picnic lunch amidst the rugged landscape of newly formed lava in Iceland, witnessing the birth of new earth as newly hardened lava flows create mesmerizing patterns. They are guided on a tour, marveling at the raw power of nature and bonding over the extraordinary experience."


Connecting Families through Slow Travel Adventures


SLOW TRAVEL ICELAND WITH KIDS, established in 2017, is founded on the belief that genuine travel immersion leads to profoundly enriching experiences. At Slow Travel Kids, we specialize in family travel that revolves around forging meaningful connections: with local people and cultures, indulging in homemade and locally sourced foods, and embracing the local music. As a family of 5 from Iceland, we are dedicated to transforming travel into an inspiring, and culturally enriching journey, while promoting sustainability for local communities and preserving our pristine natural environment.

Immerse yourself in our carefully curated 4-day homestays and private day or half-day adventures, meticulously designed with your family in mind. We offer unparalleled flexibility, abundant patience, and a compassionate approach. Discover Iceland through our unique lens, where the intertwining of connection and nature creates an unforgettable experience tailored exclusively for families with kids.

A family of guides leads a slow travel adventure through Iceland with kids, standing on the frozen surface of one of the largest, deepest freshwater lakes in Iceland. The winter sun peeks over snow-covered mountains, casting a warm glow on the serene landscape. The family's presence adds a sense of familiarity and warmth to the icy surroundings, inviting others to join in the discovery of Iceland's natural wonders.

What We Offer

Slow Travel Iceland with Kids offers a unique experience for families looking to explore Iceland. Our 4-day family immersion experience provides a deep dive into Iceland’s culture and natural beauty, while our full day and half day adventures cater to your family's every need. Let us be your guide on your adventure of a lifetime.

A charming homestay just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, welcomes families with open arms. The front of the home exudes warmth and hospitality, with a cozy ambiance that invites guparents to unwind while children freely explore in a safe environment. Surrounded by picturesque countryside and offering sweeping ocean views, it provides a tranquil retreat for traveling families seeking a relaxing escape. The scene embodies the perfect blend of comfort, nature, and Icelandic hospitality.
Siblings joyfully explore a mossy lava field in Iceland during early October, surrounded by vibrant fall colors blanketing the ground. The crisp chill in the air adds to the autumn atmosphere as golden sunlight bathes the landscape in a warm glow. Their curiosity and excitement are evident as they discover the unique textures and features of the moss-covered terrain, creating cherished memories amidst Iceland's breathtaking natural beauty.
Siblings stand atop ancient lava formations, gazing out over a captivating valley in Iceland. The rugged landscape reveals remnants of volcanic activity, while the duo takes in the awe-inspiring sight of a magnificent waterfall cascading down the valley. The juxtaposition of the siblings against the dramatic geological features highlights the enchanting blend of nature's raw power and familial connection in the Icelandic wilderness.




2,400 USD

650 USD

330 USD

Slow Travel Iceland with Kids is all about providing an authentic and immersive experience for families. Our Family Immersion experience allows you to truly connect with the locals while enjoying everything Iceland has to offer. We welcome you into our home and family, giving you the chance to experience our culture, food and customs. With limited availability and a focus on ease, connection, learning, and fun, this is a unique and memorable Iceland experience you won't want to miss.

At Slow Travel Iceland with Kids, we offer immersive and educational full-day experiences that take you and your family out into the vast and beautiful Icelandic countryside. Our trips are located 1-3 hours outside of Reykjavik and provide ample opportunities to explore, learn, and bond as a family. With one brunch/lunch and snacks included, there’s no need to worry about packing extra meals. We provide outdoor clothing for the kids on request, ensuring that they stay warm and comfortable while having fun in nature.

At Slow Travel Iceland with Kids, we believe that traveling with kids shouldn't be stressful, but rather an opportunity for families to create lifelong memories. Our half-day experiences are designed specifically for families, and we have carefully chosen locations in Reykjavik and the greater Reykjavik area that we love exploring as a family. Join us on our adventures and discover the hidden gems of Iceland, while we take care of everything for you, including hearty snacks and outdoor clothes for the kids, upon request.

A girl smiles as she forages delicious berries in the Icelandic landscape, surrounded by the vibrant colors of autumn. The billberry leaves are just beginning to turn, adding a splash of red and orange to the scene. With a mouthful of berries she proudly picked herself, her smile reflects the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of a successful harvest in nature's bounty.
A dinner table adorned with an array of homemade foods, offering a true Icelandic dining experience. Traditional dishes and locally sourced ingredients create a feast for the senses, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Iceland. The table is set with care, inviting guests to savor each bite and immerse themselves in the warmth of Icelandic hospitality and gastronomy.
A cute Icelandic boy joyfully cradles a baby goat in his arms. The endearing image captures a heartwarming moment as the child interacts with the playful and curious young goat. The baby goat belongs to the Settlement Goat breed, an ancient breed of domestic goat believed to be of Norwegian origin and dating back to the settlement of Iceland over 1100 years ago. This heritage adds depth to the charming scene, showcasing not only the bond between the boy and the adorable baby goat but also the cultural significance of these historic animals in Icelandic society.




Slow Travel Iceland with Kids offers an authentic Icelandic experience that you won't find anywhere else. Our seasonal experiences, like berry picking or the autumn sheep round-ups, allow families to bond over a shared adventure while exploring the natural beauty of Iceland. We aim to create an environment where families can relax, slow down and enjoy the moment. Join us and explore Iceland like a local. contact us to learn more about these unique seasonal offerings.

At Dinner With Us, we offer a unique dining experience that blends traditional Icelandic foods with modern family meals. Our cozy and welcoming home atmosphere is the perfect setting for sharing stories and creating lasting memories. Join us for dinner and experience the warmth and hospitality of Icelandic culture.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities to explore in Iceland, yet craving the freedom to venture on your terms? Let's connect for a 30-minute Zoom chat. We'll craft a customized experience tailored to the unique wishes and desires of your family. From there, embark on your self-guided adventure with confidence. Relax on a lava rock, we've got you covered!

35 USD/adult 
20 USD/child

150 USD




Love from our Friends

“While exploring Iceland, there is no better guide than the Icelandic people themselves! Sara and Siggi seemed to know what we needed before we did. They attended to the physical and emotional needs we had to ensure our visit was absolutely spectacular! Highly recommend!”

Sue, USA

“Sara and her family created an embrace for me and my two eldest children that helped me be fully present to the beauty and depth of the country and its energetic landscape. My default arriving newly would otherwise have been feeling lost. With the needs of my daughters for daily settings and mental grasping of time and place the affirmation Sara and her whole family gave, I could truly enjoy and take in the magnificence Iceland brings.”


“Best of all was having a local family to connect and explore with.I liked that it didn’t feel like we were on a tour, but felt like we were having a relaxing, fun day out with friends. It made our trip unique and memorable. I hope we can find this type of experience in every place we visit! I highly recommend spending some time with the Slow Travel Iceland with Kids family.”


“We stayed with Sara and Siggi in October 2017 and instantly felt at home with their family. It is a trip the children still talk about and will never forget; swirly slides into the local geothermal pool, going trick or treating in Icelandic with their new friends “grikk eða gott!” The tour with them where we discovered FIZZY spring water (still talked about) the board games they played together and the friendships will outlive the trip. The recommendations Sara and Siggi made and their generosity made such a difference to our Icelandic visit. Thank you!”


“What a wonderful experience!!!!
From the moment we were met at the airport by Sara to the moment we drove away with the children waving goodbye, we were treated like family visiting from another country. I knew Sara, Siggi and family would help us with practical things to make our journey to Iceland much easier, but what I wasn’t expecting was the warmth and affection we would all receive. We had a wonderful time chatting, sharing meals, exploring lava fields, playing hide and seek in the forest and going to the local swimming pool.
We really were made to feel so welcome.
Thanks Slow Travel Iceland with Kids”


“Contact Sara and Siggi of Slow Travel Iceland with Kids. They made ALL the difference for our trip. Wouldn’t have seen the northern lights without them. They know all the local-only nooks and activities. Can’t speak highly enough for how the Slow Travel Kids family changed our trio from a visit to a living cultural exchange! ❤”



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