Prepare to experience Iceland in a way that will leave you feeling more relaxed and deeply connected with your self and your kids.


Slow Travel Iceland with Kids

Prepare to Experience Iceland in a way that will leave you

feeling more Relaxed and Deeply connected with your Self and your Kids.


Iceland is a Raw and Magical place. There is just something about this land that is calling people by the tens of thousands. Connection. Transformational Travel. Fully living each Moment. Experiencing the Magnificence of the Land. For those coming to Iceland who are looking to experience Iceland in a deeper way, we are your guides into this Deeper Connection. If there is a tour guide to the Soul of Iceland and the Soul of the Family,

 We are that guide. 

Experiences We Offer


Customized Itinerary
5.000 ISK

Our customized itineraries are for families who are looking for a little bit of guidance and support in how to spend time on their own in Iceland slow-travel style. We meet with you over skype to get an idea of what you might like, then send you a customized itinerary for you to go off and explore on your own.  

Half-Day Immersion Experiences
25.000 ISK

For our half-day experiences we have chosen places in Reykjavik or the greater Reykjavik area where we enjoy spending time together as a family. We invite you to share in experiencing these amazing places together with us.  We will provide hearty snacks and outdoor clothes for the kids. (upon request)

Full Day Immersion Experiences

50.000 ISK

Located in areas that are 1-3 hours from Reykjavik, our full-day immersion experiences take us out into the expansive Icelandic countryside. Here we spend a leisurely day exploring, learning and playing together.  Includes one brunch/lunch and snacks. Outdoor clothing for the kids also included upon request. 

Four- Day Family immersion Experience

250.000 ISK

The Family Immersion experience showcases the best of what we offer: Ease, connection, learning, and fun. We welcome you into our home and family and provide you with a truly unique and memorable Iceland experience.   Limited Availability! 

There are deeper reasons to travel – itches and tickles on the underbelly of the unconscious mind. We go where we need to go, and then try to figure out what we’re doing there.
— Jeff Greenwald

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