While exploring Iceland, there is no better guide than the Icelandic people themselves! Sara and Siggi seemed to know what we needed before we did. They attended to the physical and emotional needs we had to ensure our visit was absolutely spectacular! Highly recommend!
— Sue, USA

Sara and her family created an embrace for me and my two eldest children that helped me be fully present to the beauty and depth of the country and its energetic landscape. My default arriving newly would otherwise have been feeling lost. With the needs of my daughters for daily settings and mental grasping of time and place the affirmation Sara and her whole family gave, I could truly enjoy and take in the magnificence Iceland brings.
— Iris Kiewiet, traveling with Lily 11 and Sylke 8, Canada

Best of all was having a local family to connect and explore with.I liked that it didn’t feel like we were on a tour, but felt like we were having a relaxing, fun day out with friends. It made our trip unique and memorable. I hope we can find this type of experience in every place we visit! I highly recommend spending some time with the Slow Travel Iceland with Kids family.
— – Jess, James, Jossalyn 6 & Margaret, USA

We stayed with Sara and Siggi in October 2017 and instantly felt at home with their family. It is a trip the children still talk about and will never forget; swirly slides into the local geothermal pool, going trick or treating in Icelandic with their new friends “grikk eða gott!” The tour with them where we discovered FIZZY spring water (still talked about) the board games they played together and the friendships will outlive the trip. The recommendations Sara and Siggi made and their generosity made such a difference to our Icelandic visit. Thank you!
— Vanessa, Gary, Bertie 8 Kitty 5, UK

Contact Sara and Siggi of Slow Travel Iceland with Kids. They made ALL the difference for our trip. Wouldn’t have seen the northern lights without them. They know all the local-only nooks and activities. Can’t speak highly enough for how the Slow Travel Kids family changed our trio from a visit to a living cultural exchange! ❤
— Jen Silver, Traveling with Ariana 15, Aaron 13, and Aurora 7. USA