Meet the Family behind Slow Travel Kids


    We started Slow Travel Kids because we want to enrich our lives with the company of fun and mindful families who enjoy seeking new adventures and connecting on a deeper level. We aspire to provide a space for families to travel to Iceland consciously and with intention by reducing the stress and distraction that often follows when one is not in their known surroundings. 

We moved to Iceland in March 2016 after living in Wisconsin, USA for 11 years. Siggi, a native Icelander, met Sara, born and raised in Wisconsin, in Venezuela during our cultural exchange year. Traveling has been a part of our lives since our first moments together. Our favorite way to travel is slow travel: exploring new places at a pace that is just right. Sometimes fast, sometimes slower, always with the intention of being "in the moment". When we make plans, they are kept very fluid - allowing the space to change course at any moment if the pull is there. Now with our three children; Ella (11),  Ísak (8) and Leó (4) we have really gotten a chance to explore the art of slow travel.  We love the way our kids see the world, and love seeing the world through their eyes. It is a completely amazing experience. 

In 2015 we sold our house in Wisconsin and set out on a worldschooling road trip around the USA. During the 9 months we spent without a home of our own, we learned a lot about the kindness and hospitality of friends and strangers alike. With the exception of the weeks we spent camping, we were invited to be part of another family and household. These moments of connecting with friends on our travels have stood out among the rest. It was in these moments we felt we could fully relax and enjoy the experience. Trusting, for example, that an old friend from high school knew what she was doing (now that she was a local desert inhabitant) as she took our kids out in the dark with a blacklight looking for scorpions! These friends (both old and newly made) were the ones who created the space for us to sink in; they were the ones who provided opportunities for new friendships between our children; they were also the ones who remembered the snacks and knew the best place for ice cream!  

It didn't take long for us to miss these experiences after we moved back to Iceland. Yet at the same time, we are so content to spend our time here exploring Iceland and connecting with parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins here. This is how the idea for Slow Travel Iceland with Kids was conceived. We, the parents of Slow Travel Kids, wanted to create an opportunity for other traveling parents to come with their children and experience Iceland in a way that felt easeful, connecting and fun.  And while you won't find glow-in-the-blacklight scorpions here, we hope we can be the friends you trust when you hear us saying to your curious kids, "sure, you can eat that seaweed!"  

We look forward to exploring Iceland with you!  

Sara and Siggi


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