On Our Half-Day experiences we will take you out to explore some of our favorite natural Gems that are right in Reykjavik and the greater reykjavik area. These Three-hour outings can be either in the morning or afternoon. 


Included: Hearty Snack, Outdoor clothing for kids available upon request.

*Transportation Not included 

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 25.000 ISK 



There are some pretty spectacular waterfalls in Iceland and they are everywhere. Join us in exploring one such waterfall tucked away in a valley where Siggi played when he was young. Our walk to the waterfall takes us through a sweet, magical forest covered in moss and filled with stores of fairies and hidden folk. Stop along the way to add to our growing community of fairy houses, or learn about the different flowers and plants that grow here. 

Isak low-tide discovery

Beaches and Tidepools

We love to explore the beaches around Iceland and are lucky enough to live on a peninsula near Reykjavik with sandy beaches and tidepools where we we know every nook and cranny. Learn about seaweed, shells and hermit crabs or participate in our never-ending "seaglass" treasure hunt. Very often we spot seals along the shore. And oh boy if you ask us about the bird life, we can give you all the details! Come join us!

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Magical Forests

There is a well-known joke in Iceland that asks, "what do you do when you are lost in the woods in Iceland?" and the answer is, "Stand Up!" While it is true that Iceland lacks a proper forest, the small wooded areas that exist are among the most magical we have ever experienced. It does not take much imagination to see where the forest fairies and hidden people are hiding about amongst the lava, moss and tree roots. 


Lava Fields

Icelandic lava fields are the first thing you see as you drive the 40 minute drive from Keflavik Airport into Reykjavik. They are so spectacular and awe inspiring that it immediately sparks your imagination: What creatures live there? What does it feel like to lie in the moss? Learn about elves and “hidden people” in the Icelandic folklore or become hidden as your family seeks you in our field of lava tour just outside of Garðabær, a suburb of Reykjavik.